Customer Testimonials At Superior Used Auto Sales

Joe BoomBots - 2009 gmc acadia

Great dealer

Chahzanan Yassine - 2014 chevy cruze

Clean work ??

Abd Alward - 2013 chevy equinox

They doing excellent job

lamosta1 - 2013 toyota carola

Best car dealer, i highly recommend

Bullring Rugs - 2014 ford fusion

Very good service and really recommended

Thurston Clinton - 2014 gmc terrain

Great price & very good reliable cars

rick hil - 2012 chevy equinox

Good cars for descent price

minister EC Fields - 2014 ford taurus

Its a good place to buy a good running car!

eli davis - 2016 dodge dart

Honest people to work with, happy about the car and price of the car I purchased. Thanks!

Mohamed Attie - 2011 ford edge

I was looking all around for a newer used car that could fit my budget and this was the only place that cared about what I wanted and not about what they have to sell. They were patient and very courteous. I happily left there with my dream car.

Ziad Automotive - 2015 ford escape

Very nice and honest people to deal with. I bought a car from them and it was the best deal.

Konrad Kasparschuster - 2014 chevy cruiz

Best service I've had at a used car dealer.

Andres Rodriguez - 2015 CHEVY EQUINOX

Great service, good car for good prices

Zeinab bazzi - 2013 DODGE AVANGER

the best service ever... you guys have good service, good prices, and very good quality of cars. thank you so much.

Zac Lancaster - 2000 Quality Vehicle

I've had the pleasure of working with Bilal over the past few months from a B2B setting. He is a very stand up, and honest guy. Has his customer's best interests at heart and does exceptional work when rebuilding vehicles. I would recommend Superior Used Auto Sales to anyone that's looking for a good car at a great deal!